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11月29日学术报告:Laser-based neutron generators   

来源: 发布时间:2019-11-26 11:04:00

  报告题目: Laser-based neutron generators    
  报告时间: 2019年11月29日 9:00
  报告地点: 西区溢智厅

  报告人:ISHAY POMERANTZ (Assistant Professor)
  Mortimer Zuckerman Faculty Scholar
  The School of Physics and Astronomy



Prof. Ishay Pomerantz received his Ph.D. in nuclear physics from Tel-Aviv University in 2012. He has then spent 3 years at the Texas Petawatt working on laser-based neutron sources. 

In 2015 he returned to Tel-Aviv University to start a research group woking on experimental investigation of laser-based radiation generators.